Lima Sightseeing

Instead of a day of eating and resting we decided to go out and see the city. We headed to Plaza Mayor which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Unlike the modern area we’re staying in, this looked much more European and like Buenos Aires but with more Spanish influence. First we had to get some breakfast and just a block off the square was a row of small restaurants for locals, we picked the cleanest looking one and had a incredible breakfast even if it wasn’t what one would expect at 09:00. I had the beef with onions and bell peppers sandwich and my friend had the seafood fried rice, with two coffees the total was 12 soles or $3.58 at the exchange rate we got on the street. The rice was enough for two lunches and we both had to stop eating so much so that we’d be able to eat ceviche for lunch, the salsa served with it was amazing and we did eat all the seafood out of it. I placed all the meat into one bun to cut down on some carbs.

Back in the Plaza Mayor we looked at the Lima Cathedral, Presidential residence, and an APC at the backside of the residence.

We headed away from Plaza Mayor to see some other squares and interesting buildings.


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