Lima – Central

We ended the trip with dinner at the #1 restaurant in South America according to World’s 50 Best. Unfortunately we found out that my friend isn’t a fan of tasting menus but at least the price in Peru is much cheaper than in her native NYC. I thoroughly enjoyed the meal and I’d say it was the best of the trip. I especially liked how each course was tied to a specific elevation and the colors, both of the food and the dishes, were fantastic. We had a table along the wall of windows that separate the dining room from the kitchen and we got a front row seat to see the activity increase to a frenzy as the evening progressed and die down as the last few tables to be seated progressed through their meal. As we were leaving I went into the kitchen like most other guests to thank the chefs and cooks for the wonderful meal.

It’s really hard to pick a favorite but the Extreme Stems easily wins for prettiest and Green Highlands for the desserts, if pushed I’d say the Close Fishing wins the savory round since the octopus was extremely tender but the suckers will still crunchy.


-5M: Spiders on a Rock – Sargassum, limpet, crab, sea snail


230M: Valley of a Tree – Avocado, cactus, carob tree


120M: Diversity of Corn – Corn, honey, pacae, tumbo passion fruit


120M: Diversity of Corn – Corn, honey, pacae, tumbo passion fruit


180M: River Scales – River snails, gamitana, sangre de grado (L)


860M: High Altitude Rain Forest – Yacon, smoked duck, zapote, nasturtium (R)



3900M: Andean Plateau – Tunta, annato, black herbs




-20M: Marine Soil – Razor clams, sweet cucumber, lime


2875M: Extreme Stems – Ocas, ollucos, mashwas, sauco


400M: Amazonia Colors – Doncella, bahuaja nut, pijuayo, huito


0M: Harvest and Collection – Lettuce, scallops, granadilla


-10M: Close Fishing – Octopus, coral, barquillo


2900M: Lake Floor – Chicken, moraya, cushuro


1800M: Low Andes Mountains – Quinos, beef, airampo


650M: Amazonian Rainforest – Rose apple, pitahaya, lemon grass, sweet pepper


1050M: Green Highlands – Lucuma, cacao, chaco clay


2190M: Valley Between the Andes – Kiwicha, cacao, sanki, sacha inchi


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