Seattle – Petit Cochon: Whole Duck Dinner

From beef two weekends ago to my favorite meat just before the holiday season really kicks off. I’m not going complain about “unnecessary” calories leading up to two weeks on the road for this fantastic dinner. This was much better than the pig offal dinner this summer. My favorite was the duck heart which was quite tender considering how hard it works when the duck is alive and the huckleberries were really sweet and paired well.


Swingin’ Feet: Crispy Duck Foot, sesame oyster marinade, cilantro yogurt, red chili jam – Crispy Duck Testicle, celery salad, buffalo sauce, blue cheese dressing


Have a Heart: Grilled Duck Heart, chicory, hazelnuts, celeriac puree, huckleberry jam, cocoa nib gremolata


Duck Neck Poutine: Braised Duck Neck, Duck Fat Potato, Dinah’s camembert fondue, green onion chimichurri, pickled pioppini mushrooms


Steelhead Curry: Quillayute steelhead trout, green curry, fennel, calamari rice salad, Pickled Duck Tongues, serrano pepper


Hash It Out: Duck Breast Pastrami, Confit Gizzard Hash, collard greens, horseradish yogurt, dill, cranberry jam, juniper vinaigrette


Foiescream Sandwich: Duck Cracklin’ and chocolate cookies, foie gras torchon, black truffle ice cream, strawberry jam, ganache, coconut




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