Los Angeles – Trois Mec

I was all set to attempt to eat both meals since Trois Mec uses Tock, the ticketing system developed by a co-owner of Alinea, which sells whole tables. Thankfully a Seattle friend had a buddy who was available. Trois Mec offers a 5-course tasting menu with an additional sixth that we snapped up. At $110 including taxes and service charge, but not the $16 for the supplemental course,  it’s a steal especially when you count the four amuse as well. We sat at the kitchen counter and towards the end of the meal I told the chef that it was very reasonably priced and he replied that he wants his food to be accessible to as many people as possible. Very admirable.

I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of two of the courses but did find them on Instagram.

I really like the sablefish dish, the lemon gel was amazing and paired very well. The grilled cheese was also fantastic, we watched on the cooks rotate it many times to make sure it was evenly browned and crunchy without getting burned. The cheese was a nice sharp cheddar but didn’t overpower the truffle.


Buckwheat popcorn


Deep fried tapioca, passion fruit, parmesan


Chickpea tuille, scallion, fennel


Poached egg yolk, sherry caramel


Big eye tuna, heirloom beets, rhubarb, soy


Asparagus grenobloise, brown butter, citrus, capers


Black cod, peas, leeks, meyer lemon

Ribeye, Chinese eggplant, shallot, smoked yogurt. The meat was “wafer theeen”and only cooked on one side over the wood-burning grill for about 20 seconds.


Grilled black truffle cheese sandwich, charcoal icecream


Avocado, macadamia, ginger-aji icecream



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