Los Angeles – Otium

When I read about a French Laundry alum opening this new restaurant I quickly asked a friend if she and her husband would join me. Her brother and parents were insanely jealous that we were going as it’s hard to get a reservation apparently, I’d say for dinner but weekend brunch shouldn’t be that difficult.

The food was extremely good and there were some inventive takes on old dishes. The foie gras funnel cake was extremely fun and the mole was definitely upscale compared to what you mainly find in LA. My only major gripe was we didn’t have big enough appetites to eat the whole menu. My favorite was the smoked salmon, very well prepared and I liked the new take on the everything bagel with cream cheese and salmon.


Crispy Potatoes: lemon salt, aleppo pepper, creme fraiche


Smoked Salmon: red onion, radish, lemon, everything topped bagel


Funnel Cake: foie gras, strawberry, fennel, balsamic


Hangtown Fry: bacon, fried oysters, parmesan mousse, chive blossoms


Pork Belly: caramalized garlic egg, rice, bok choy


Mole: eggs, blue corn tortilla, cotija, cilantro





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