Seattle – Taco Libre

Pre-Cinco de Mayo party that had 25 trucks competing for the best taco, I did my best to eat all and went to seven trucks that had the most interesting offerings and tried eight different tacos. Presented in order of favorite to least favorite.

The octopus taco was very popular, they had sold out by 1 and the event goes until 6. The octopus was very tender and the flavors worked well together.

Food coma setting in now…


Bread & Circuses: Tako Taco – seared octopus, miso aioli, kimchi


Buddha Bruddah: carne asada (L) & carnitas. Both Hawaiian style with mango Asian slaw, pickled lime red onion, sriracha cream. 2015 winner.


It’s Bao Time: Taijuanese carnitas – pork belly, salsa verde, sesame dressing


Biscuit Box: Bao Biscuit Taco – fried biscuit dough shell, char siu shredded pork, pickled carrot and cucumber, green onion. I really liked the fried dough, the crunchiness added to the experience.


Chopstix: Peking Duck Taco – roast duck, green onion, sweet bean spread


Athena’s Gyros: Greek taco – lamb and beef with cucumber, feta and spicy tzatziki


Woodshop BBQ: brisket, queso fresco, salsa verde


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