Bainbridge Island – Hitchcock

Have some friends in town so showed them a great Seattle day of going hiking followed by taking the ferry over to Bainbridge to nosh our way through an amazing tasting menu. We got up very early to head to Lake 22 to beat the crowds, since it’s one of the closest hikes and relatively easy 2.7 miles up to a beautiful lake.



I had never tried the tasting menu and at $65 it was an amazing deal even if we didn’t know what we were going to eat since the menu simply says “we cook for you.” Most of the courses were shared so we could try more things and getting four different desserts to cap off the meal was certainly a treat. We all had a different favorite dish: mine was the lamb, K’s was the duck and our friends liked the lovage soup and the pork. In all we had 16 different dishes but didn’t feel overly stuffed, in fact stopped at Mora Iced Cream on the way back to the ferry so everyone else to could try it for the first time.


Oysters: lacto-fermented blueberry, house-made kimchi, house-made tabasco


Radishes with house-made butter. So simple but was incredibly fresh and the butter was so smooth


Seared albacore tuna, miners lettuce, pickled onion


Cold-smoked sablefish, house-made creme fraiche with Moroccan cumin, lovage, apple


Lamb carpaccio, lavender, pine nut. The flavor of the lamb was so intense it was great. Chef told us that is was a Soay lamb which the purveyor had stopped raising and he was now trying to figure out a way to raise himself.


Duck carpaccio, pickled golden raisins


Lovage soup, creme fraiche, crispy garlic


Wood-fired salmon collar, radishes, beans


Lemon sorbet, olive oil, lovage


Mangalista pork, farro, onion puree, house sriracha


Cheese course


Lemon cake


Chocolate espresso torte


Plum meringue


Creme brulee


Swiss chocolate and cheesecake with brownie




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