Toronto – Momofuku Shoto

Another visit to Toronto means another dinner at Shoto. Most of the staff was the same and recognized me which was nice since it’s been two years. The menu is almost completely different yet stays the same, the oyster had a different garnish and the pasta again was my favorite course. I added the caviar course but skipped the foie gras as that was the same as Ko and I was there just over a year ago. Other favorites were the kimchi soup and lamb. It was great seeing some ingredients that would be out there for many like the beef heart and fiddlehead. I’m impressed that all three meals I’ve had at Shoto have been excellent and each menu has been very different, love to see the chefs and cooks continue to push creativity with new ingredients.



Oyster and green chili


Kimchi soup


Arctic char: wasabi, celery root, lemon

beef heart_edit

Beef heart: broccoli, bone marrow


Caviar: branzino, creme fraiche, potato chip


Dumpling: lobster, watercress, black vinegar


Macaroni: moreal, bamboo, snap pea


Spanish Mackerel: green lentil, maitake, kohlrabi


Lamb: fiddlehead, radicchio, Szechuan


Fennel: granny smith, sweet soy


Rhubarb: goat milk, brazil nut


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