Seattle – Lunch Tour

With the office closed on the 5th as well, a few of us used the extra day off to eat our way through town at places only opened for weekday lunch or food trucks that don’t come out the Eastside where the office is.

Started at Il Corvo, got there at 10:50 and we were already about a dozen people back in line waiting to get at the day’s creation. Coworkers liked the parpardelle the most while I preferred the cavatelli.


Cavatelli with sweet corn, sage, chilies and cream


Pappardelle a la bolognese


Tonarelli con casio e pepe

Moved downtown for Now Make Me a Sandwich. These were very messy since the bottom bun was soaked in meat juice and easily fell apart since cut into smaller than normal pieces.


Bad Lieutenant: pulled pork, bacon, ham, provolone, bbq sauce, apple jalapeno slaw


Thanksgetting: turkey, bacon, cranberry sauce, stuffy, gravy, rosemary aioli

Finally went to SLU to hit up a few more places.

Meat & Bread is famous for its porchetta and we got a fresh out of the oven serving.


Bao Time, I absolutely love Chinese beef wraps and they had a special KFC bao. The roll was pretty good but there wasn’t enough cilantro and the wrap was a bit cold and too oily. Still a great snack.


After Serious Biscuit, I had to tap out for this one, found Caravan Crepes to finish off the lunch round with a strawberries and fruit jam crepe and a Nutella one.





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