Seattle – Kamonegi Pop-Up

In February, chef Mutsuko Soma said farewell to her post at Miyabi 45th and its loyal base of soba-slurping customers.

Soma studied the age-old art of making soba in Japan and brought her deft noodle-making skills to Seattle. To her knowledge, she’s still the only bringer of the buckwheat-based dish on the West Coast. Nowadays Soma experiments at her in-home soba studio, milling buckwheat seeds from different Washington farms and exploring new flours.

We jumped at the chance to have some good Japanese food that wasn’t sushi or ramen but not as fancy as kaiseki. We’d eaten at Miyabi 45th a few times before chef Soma left and enjoyed the meals as well. The peanut tofu was quite interesting, the texture was a bit denser than regular tofu and I was impressed she got so close. The poke was our favorite dish although I really liked the chawanmushi, if it had been hot it would have been my favorite. Regardless, it had tons of crab in it and the egg was cooked perfectly. Having soba as the main course as it was quite refreshing after a heat wave over the weekend.


Peanut Tofu: wasabi, soy, bonito


Albacore “Popoki”: seared albacore, walla walla onion, micro arugula, squid ink nori, seaweed


Cold Chawanmushi: snow crab salad, matsutake, fish cake, shrimp, mitsuba, Japanese cucumber


Buckwheat Congee: clam, bacon, mitsuba, kuzu bonito sauce


Duck Tantan Bukake: spicy miso duck, green onion, Japanese cucumber, chili oil, peanut, soba


Raindrop “cake”: agar water, dry roasted kinako, kuromitsu





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