Seattle – Eden Hill 1st Birthday

Eden Hill did something fun and extraordinary for their first birthday, the front of house and kitchen swapped places for the evening. Sitting at the bar was great as got a lot of time to talk to Chef Max and the other cooks and see into the kitchen to see how the FOH staff were coping with making all the dishes. The menu consisted of the year’s greatest hits and the ones we chose were new to us. All were exquisite and our favorites were the salmon for K and the beef for me.

Overall it was a very fun evening to see the staff out of their comfort zone and still having fun with each other and the guests. Here’s to many more birthday parties.


Rare Beef: farm arugula, olive oil white soy dressing, black garlic aioli, spiced peanuts


Octopus Terrine: sour corn, shoshito, lime fluid, cilantro



Buffalo Style Sweetbreads: bleu cheese espuma, fermented habanero, maple verjus hot sauce, b&b picklesdsc09493_edit

Sockeye Salmon: potato espuma, miso cured broccoli, anchovy carameldsc09495_edit

Wagyu Short Rib: dark chocolate mole, grilled pineapple, queso frescodsc09498_edit

Ricotta Donuts: almond praline, dark chocolate fudge, sage vanilla ice cream, nocino froth


Chef Max: your bartender for the night






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