Seattle – Meat & Noodle Pop-Up

Meat and Noodle was held at a store/bar that reminded us of an Old West general store. All the decor was old black and white photos and they sold a wide range of goods from clothes to food, in fact had jars of candy like in The Hateful Eight. They put on guest chef dinners and this one was more that just a chef, Lauren has a farm and raised the pigs used in the meal and everything else was from Vashon Island or local farms. I have to say that K and I both thought the ramen was the best broth (cooked for 48 hours) we’ve ever had, a sentiment shared by many of of the other diners sitting at the communal table, and the shredded pork was equally fantastic. I really wanted a bottle of broth to drink at work today. I normally avoid beets like the plague but the pickled ones were good and the other preparations on the plate were palatable, however it was a bridge too far to eat the beets in the ramen though. The bacon made from the jowl with the beets was fantastic, I normally prefer sausage over bacon but would pick this version every time. The almond cake was very good as well, quite dense and not too sweet. We had the cocktail flight and I could only get halfway through, the Bee Brush was very strong and the Elder Prairie tasted too much like licorice for my liking.


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