New York – Blue Hill

After watching Dan Barber’s episode of Chef’s Table I knew we needed to go. It didn’t disappoint, the ingredients were the embodiment of what they should taste like. My only gripe would be that the restaurant was insanely hot, I felt like I was in a sauna for most of the evening. I really can’t believe that it’s only rated as one Michelin star when Casa Mono and Peter Luger are as well. Those are both great restaurants but don’t come close to the technical proficiency showcased and amazing flavors at Blue Hill.

Since I’m a sucker for punishment we went for the maximum experience, extended farmer’s feast with traditional pairing. This pushed it to eight courses plus amuse, we finished 95% of the food but the last two glasses of wine were barely touched. I really wanted to finish the red that was with the lamb course but I wanted to make sure we got back to the hotel, but the dessert wine was just too sweet for both of us even though the server explained it comes from a higher elevation than normal in France and isn’t as sweet as other late harvest wines.

Everything was amazing, the flavors intense and we could tell that everything was made with the best possible ingredients. The three protein courses, lobster, duck and lamb, were all incredible with the flavor of the meat more intense than I possibly ever had. K said her favorite was the lobster while I was torn between the duck and lamb, they are my two favorite meats after all. The bread course was also the best bread we’ve ever eaten, sadly didn’t get to take home a loaf like we did at Willows Inn which is a close second favorite. The berries were the perfect petit four to end the meal rather than traditional chocolates or jellies, K stole the plate and let me have a few of them and I retaliated by taking some of her cake and dragging it through the honey.


Carrot, turnip, kohlrabi with tarragon vinaigrette


Liver with chocolate




Green gazpacho with Blue Hill milk sorbet


Heirloom Tomato: horseradish, melon and basil seeds


Barber wheat bread


Maine Lobster, Lightly Smoked: experimental corn and huitlacoche


Potato Pizza: black garlic, heirloom tomatoes, ricotta


Zucchini Club: green tomatoes, bacon, charred scallion


Pastured Duck: eggplant, black lime, ratatouille


Lamb: beans, artichoke


Cantaloupe and Ginger: spring honey and Blue Hill farm milk


Sweet Corn and Blueberry Pie: fromage blanc, white chocolate


Berries: Blue Hill honey

Before dinner we walked around Washington Square park.



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