New York – Le Bernardin

It had been four years since my first visit to this temple of seafood for lunch and I was highly looking forward to having the tasting menu and hopefully meeting Chef Ripert as he was out the previous visit. I got his new memoir 32 Yolks just before the trip and finished in less than 24 hours, it’s a much more introspective and open memoir than one normally gets from chefs. Our server took my book into the kitchen to get it signed and after the lobster course we were escorted into the kitchen to meet him and have our picture taken, he had been going to a few tables in the dining room just before this so it was very cool to have a bit more exclusive interaction. As expected the kitchen was spotless and almost silent.

Highlights of the meal were the salmon, tuna and foie gras and all the desserts (especially the semifreddo). Even though it was all lighter protein and not much starch, I was still stuffed by the end of the meal, probably didn’t help that on most dishes I helped my mom out eating the last bite.


Amuse: fluke, salmon, oyster


Tuna and Foie Gras (my mom doesn’t eat caviar so they gave this to her instead)


King Fish Caviar: smoked creme fraiche emulsion


Lobster: herb spring roll, lemongrass consumme


Langoustine: Seared, fennel mousseline, spiced-citrus sambal sauce


Salmon: barely cooked, baby peas and fava, mint-tarragon emulsion


Halibut: poached, manila clams, wild mushroom casserole


White Tuna – Japanese Wagyu: grilled escolar and seared wagyu, fresh kimchi, Asian pear, soy-citrus emulsion


Cucumber “Pisco Sour”


“Black Forrest”: brandied cherries, whipped vanilla cream, smoked chocolate cremeux


Apple Tart: one to share, compliments of kitchen


Semifreddo and Chocolate



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