New York – Eleven Madison Park

I was very glad to finally get a reservation after being put on the waiting list when I originally called four weeks ago. EMP revamped their menu this year, they were serving a summer menu compared to the winter menu I had on my first visit, and my parents and K had never been which are all excellent reasons to go here over any other restaurant. They also recently switched to Tock, the ticketing system developed by one of the Alinea co-owners, which made it easy to check for availability multiple times a day. Pounced as soon as one opened.

The meal didn’t disappoint, everything was excellent and again is the best meal ever. The new menu was also lots of fun, a lot more relaxed and we got to choose the dish we wanted in three of the courses plus had a game at the end to match four chocolate bars to the type of animal the milk came from to make it. We all got two of the four correct.


Black & White: Savory cookie with apple and cheddar


Cucumber with cream cheese and rye, Canatloupe with smoked watermelon, Melon variations with tomato and goat cheese, Cucumber with honeydew and mint (clockwise from noon)


Foie Gras: seared with strawberry and onion


Crab: salad with zucchini and lemon

After the first course of foie gras or crab salad we were invited into the kitchen for a quick tour and a cocktail that was served like a snow-cone.


Once back at our table we found a picnic basket had replaced the candle as the centerpiece, we were told to have fun with it and when we done unpacking it we’d get an explanation as to what everything is. Very different from usual dining experience and it was a lot of fun taking out the plate, pouring out the tomato and champagne beverage, and opening up all the tins of caviar and jars of ratatouille and mackerel.



Caviar: picnic with pickled mackerel and ratatouille

After the picnic was cleared up on to the next course where we had option between corn and sunflower. I chose the latter just to be different from anyone else, I much preferred the corn after my mom gave me most of hers as she was already starting to feel full.


Corn: variations with cured egg yolk and clams


Sunflower: green tomato and sunflower crumble

The next course was a single choice for the whole table, a whole steamed trout or a lobster boil. I was glad my dad chose the fish as K and I had already have lobster at LB and BH.



Trout: steamed with squash and heirloom tomatoes

For the final savory course had a choice between ribeye and duck. I had the duck on my first visit so went with the steak.


Beef: 140-day dry aged ribeye with eggplant


Tomato: roasted and compressed with bread


Potato: smoked with pommes souffle


Duck: Szechuan peppercorn


Hudson Valley Camembert: with plum and basil


Goat Cheese Puff

For dessert we go to choose between grilled cantaloupe or plum that were prepared at the table drizzled with a bit of honey. Another very creative presentation to have a mini-grill placed in front of us with charcoal.



Plum: grilled with ricotta ice cream and oats


Pretzel with Sea Salt



Name That Milk

World wine pairing that K had.

While I had the NY pairing. I was very excited that got the Bye, Bye Blackbird again, if you remember this wine is made exclusively for EMP and I was gifted a bottle on my first visit in 2015. We were both given the Neversink Highland cider for the cheese course.


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