New York – Momofuku Noodle Bar & Fuku

For our last evening in New York, K and I decided to go for comfort food by getting some buns and a bowl of noodles. I also had wanted to try the new Fuku fried chicken sandwich shop a few doors down. There was a 40 minute wait for Noodle Bar so it was the perfect amount of time to have a pre-dinner dinner. The chicken was really good although the bun was a bit mushy having sat in a steam tray for a bit. The season on the fries was great too and adding the Momofuku hot sauce was addicting.

At Noodle Bar we split an order of the brisket bao and Momofuku ramen. The brisket was better than the pork belly at Baohaos and K liked the bun more too. The ramen was very good although broth not quite as good as the pop-up we did last weekend back home, this broth had visible drops on fat in it while last weekend it was a true emulsion. The thick, roasted piece of pork had a lot more flavor and texture than I’m used to, all ramen should use this type of cut and cooking.


Fuku’s combo meal: spicy chicken sandwich, fries, Tecate


Brisket Bao


Momofuku Ramen

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