Lockhart – Smitty’s and Black’s

I gave K the option of Austin or New Orleans for the second leg of our vacation as she had never gone to either. She chose the former so I’ll be eating lots of BBQ instead of Cajun/Creole food and not care I’m basically duplicating a business trip 18 months ago.

This time chose Smitty’s and Black’s as the two stops out of three that made Lockhart famous. The sausage at Smitty’s was amazing while the brisket was a tad dry, I think since we went within an hour of closing the meat was nearing the end of its lifespan.


Jalapeno sausage and brisket

After our appetizer went over to Black’s. I was excited to see they still had beef ribs and that it wasn’t the huge monster I had in Dallas last November so could eat a few different things. The brisket here was a lot better, helps they’re open 2 more hours, the spare rib was tender and the beef rib super succulent. Of the three in Lockhart I like Black’s the best but I think La Barbeque in Austin is better. I plan on trying Franklin BBQ this trip.


Brisket, mac & cheese, rice, cream corn


Beef rib, spare rib


Pecan pie


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