Austin – Counter 3.Five.VII

One of the newer fine dining establishments in Austin that serves a tasting menu of three, five or seven courses. We went for the seven. I feel that the restaurant is modeled after Momofuku Ko and Shoto where diners sit around the kitchen and the chefs serve each course and talk to them about the food. The best part is being able to see the cooking and the attention to detail needed when plating each beautiful course. The papaya chips in the caviar course were amazing, we would eat a whole bag of them. I also really liked the sunflower which was basically an open-faced quesadilla. Much like Qui, the meal here cost much less that I’d expect compared to other cities, something the chef said he’s very cognizant of as Austin still getting used to fine dining.


Tomato and Micro-Green Amuse


Dayboat Scallop: Japanese cucumber, koji, hibiscus


Royal Osetra Caviar: Papaya, cultured cream, garlic chive


PEI Oyster: Eggplant, curry leaf, cardamom


Austin Sunflower: Queso blanco, lime, hoja santa


Gulf Grouper: Field pea, parsley, purslane


Windy Hill Lamb: Whey, sweet potato, benne seed


Bun with the Lamb


Solstice Shiso: Fennel, plum, creme fraiche



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