Austin – Olamaie

For our last meal in Austin went to a place K read about in a magazine at the Airbnb we were staying at. It’s also on Eater’s Essential 38 for Austin that I somehow missed when I was picking Dai Due and Counter 3.five.VII. I’m glad we went because they really do Southern food well and three courses at lunch for $25 is a steal. Pick three of any eight dishes, only one of which is a dessert and after K picked the two healthiest options I was left with three heaviest one. Not that I was complaining that much.

Chef sources the ingredients locally and they were really high quality. The biscuits that the kitchen sent out with the second course were fantastic, so much so that K demolished hers when she normally only takes a bite or two of a biscuit. Both preparations of shrimp I had were great, I’d say shrimp in Texas is the best type of seafood to get as living in Seattle it’s hard to find better fish elsewhere. The upscale take on biscuits and gravy was quite fun to eat.

Now we’re back home and will be eating boiled chicken and kale for a month after 10 days of gorging ourselves.


Edna’s Tomatoes: lemon basil ice, Texas olive oil


Country Fried Cornbread: gulf shrimp remoulade, garlic chive, hyssop


Gulf Shrimp & Gristmill Grits: cured egg yolk, oyster mushroom, Benton’s bacon


Gulf Crab: cantaloupe, peanut, basil, beautyberry


Biscuit and Apple Butter


Grilled Pimento Cheese Sandwich: tomato, B&B pickles


Biscuit & Gravy: sunny side up egg, sorghum, country sausage


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