Vashon Island – Bramble House

Even though Vashon is a very short ferry ride from Seattle I had never gone in all the time I’ve lived here. Took a class to get me over there and we decided to make it an overnight trip. Helped that I had read about Bramble House and wanted to check out what the chef was doing. Vashon is so small there are only stop signs and no traffic lights. I had time between the class ending and picking K up from the ferry terminal so did a bit of sightseeing, the lighthouse was the only thing of note to see.


The main town is very small and it was a three minute walk from the lodge over to the house converted into a restaurant. The interior was much more modern than the exterior and while they tables were pretty close together our conversations didn’t affect other tables. The good is quite good and I hope Bramble House survives in an area where finer dining establishments struggle to make it.


Grilled foccaccia, moroccan spiced olives, mint olive oil


Lemon garbanzo bean soup, meguez meatballs, caramalized tomato oil, upland cress


Peppercorn crusted shortrib, spicy broccoli puree, crispy rice, broccolini


Duck breast, creamed leeks, curried duck jus


king oyster mushroom cous cous

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