Seattle – Kirirom Pop-Up

Kirirom bills itself as traditional Cambodian food pop-up with Pacific Northwest ingredients. However, this meal was more of a fusion of Cambodian and Filipino cuisines and luckily had a Filipino coworker and her husband with me to decipher what those influences were. The pancit was the most Filipino dish and for four people it was an incredible amount of food. We could barely move after dessert. The duck was my favorite while everyone else thought the pork belly was the best.

Overall this was one of my favorite pop-ups ever since there were a lot of different flavors going on and haven’t had the chance to eat much Cambodian or Filipino food in the past. While Cambodia is between Vietnam and Thailand whose cuisines everyone is more familiar with could definitely see come differences.


Nom Krourk – Put Malasa: Rice dumpling cake with green onion, coconut milk


Kinilaw No Baka – Pleah Sach Ko: Raw sirlion beef with crisp eggplant salad, fresh herbs, fermented fish sauce and peanuts.


Samlor Kako – Kalabasa Na May Sabaw: Winter squash stew with moringa, lemongrass and herb paste


Cha Ta Kuong – Ginisang Kangkong: Morning glory stem sauteed with fermented soy beans


Pancit – Cha Mee Sua: Bean thread noodles with Asian chive and lily blossoms


Inihaw Na Liempo – Sach Chrouk Bei Joun: Grilled pork belly braised in soy sauce and fresh calamansi. Served with atchara


Samlor Kari – Nilagang Pato: Hudson Valley duck leg braised with red curry, potato, fresh bamboo, and long beans


Pritong Isda – Trey Chien: Fried whole Silk Snapper with green papaya and watercress salad


Nom Doat – Bibingkang Kamoteng Kahoy: Cassava cake with coconut caramel cream


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