Seattle – Eden Hill – NYE

I normally abhor going out for NYE dinner normally since like Valentine’s day it’s an overpriced meal 99% of the time that isn’t that inspiring. Eden Hill’s menu was different and when I read about it and saw it was only $100 for 7+ courses I called to make a reservation. I sat at the bar seat closest to the kitchen so I was able to see the night progress. I’m glad I got a seat right away as other guests waited close to an hour for their table, the ambitious menu took a bit longer to produce than anticipated according to Chef Max. Doesn’t help that the kitchen it the size of a large walk-in closet, I’m astounded every time I dine at Eden Hill how they manage to produce such wonderful dishes in such a small space. My favorite dish was the sweetbreads, it was almost like sweet and sour style and similar to how I sometimes prepare it at home with a marsala butter sauce. The cheddar doughnut was also amazing, I could’ve eaten a few more, the ice cream was more like a warm custard after frying and it had a silky texture. The squid dish was particularly inventive, the cracked was 99% composed of squid and certainly tasted like it.


Squab liver cigar, black olive ash, fermented plum scent – Sea urchin pizza, carbonate yuzu, celery, tomato dust


Squid, whiskey barrel fish sauce, coriander curd, opal basil mint


Dungeness crab, lovage, carrot, tomato ponzu, espelette, red onion, arugula blossom



Hen of the woods tarte flambee, sour cream, candied shallot, house cured and smoked salmon roe, pork shoulder, leek sabayon


Arabian honey cured sweetbreads, deadon cabbage, licorice, apple, curry crumbs


Roasted pigeon, pickled foie gras, black truffle, fine herb gnocchi, toasted barley, consomme of wild mushrooms and smoked bones


Fried white cheddar cheese ice cream doughnut, toasted popcorn latte, goat milk caramel froth


White chocolate ball drop, sudachi, freeze dried raspberries, sake, sesame sponge


“bag” of candied pecan, caramel apple macaron

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