Seattle – The Butcher’s Table

I normally don’t go to steakhouses much since they’re relatively easy to make at home. At least the steak part, I either sous vide for an hour and finish in the cast iron or more recently I use a Big Green Egg at 700F for about 3 minutes total and it produces amazing results. However, all the other things one can get at a steakhouse are a bit harder to produce, in this case the sublime beef tallow fries. Many friends had recommended I try it out, K took her brother there for his birthday last year and both really enjoyed it. So grabbed a bottle of wine out of my collection and we headed out for a lovely evening.

The beef Butcher’s Table serves is a Japanese Wagyu and American Angus crossbreed and they serve three different grades. We both went for the 5 star, I was tempted to get the Ultra but they were out for the cap of ribeye while K got the New York. I have to say it was an amazing steak, perfectly charred outside and a bright red interior with the right level of seasoning. The fat rendered nicely and made it melt in your mouth. The best part is they have a retail counter where can buy the beef to make at home.



Yellowtail – avocado, preserved lemon


Bone Marrow – grape salsa, English muffin


5* Cap of Ribeye


Beef tallow fries


Pasilla Pepper Donuts – dulce de leche


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