Seattle – Tavolata Sunday Feast

We hadn’t been to Tavolata’s monthly feast in a while, so we forgot to pace ourselves since there is just so much food. March’s dinner was originally supposed to be suckling pig but turned out to just be pig, a welcome change to me since the dishes were more interesting and easier to eat. The last time I went to suckling pig it was presented whole to the table and I ended up carving it with a wide steak knife which isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Most of the pig was used throughout the meal and each course was somehow better than the last. I really enjoyed the meatball, I wonder how glorious it would be if I wasn’t forcing myself to eat at that point. We got two servings of each dish for six people, one of each would’ve been fine except for the salad and pastas which we ate 75% of both.


Salumi Board: porchetta, capicolla, proscuitto, speck, mortadella


Pork Fat Torta Fritta


Pig Head Fritters: truffle aioli, meyer lemon


Crispy Pig Ears: white anchovy, apple, cippolini agrodolce


Bloomsdale Spinach: pancetta, huckleberry brown butter, semolina crouton


Pork Neck Agnolotti: roasted carrots, pea vines, marjoram


Pork Skin Cacio e Pepe: tonarelli, cracked pepper, pecorino


Wild Mushrooms


Charred Allium Tenderloin: onion soubise, vinaigrette


Pork Meatballs: smoked pomodoro, cannelini beans


Wine Poached Pear: pistachio, creme fraiche

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