Whidbey Island – Willowood Farm Benefit Dinner

On the evening of March 6th, 2017, a devastating fire destroyed the historic Smith Barn, along with the livelihood of the Smith Family and Willowood Farm. While I knew nothing about the farm, I knew many of the restaurants they supply and this was very sad news to hear. Many of her chefs quickly began talking to each other and Willowood’s owner to see what they could do. This was one of the first benefit dinners and I made the trek to Whidbey Island for the first time to show my support. The evening lasted over four hours but felt faster with all the great conversation to be had. Each chef gave a brief talk about their connection to Willowood and one consistent theme is how the farm connects so many disparate people into a family.


Radish and black cod roulade – horseradish chantilly


Head cheese – sauce gribiche, green onion


Parsnip & celery root shooter – urfa chili, fennel oil


Prosciutto – ricotta, basil pesto, pickled sweet peppers, miners lettuce, rye crisp


Grilled octopus – chermoula, oil cured olives, belgian endive, cilantro


Brown butter parsnips – parmesan, salumi culatello


Grilled rabbit – creamy young leeks, rhubarb, chanterelle, thyme


Clams – creole rice, maple brined pork belly, salsify, green onion, radish


Buckwheat polenta dumpling – wild mushrooms, pork bolognese, onions


Raspberry blueberry cheesecake pops, lemon zeppole, vanilla cremeux citrus vanilla compote



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