Seattle – Eden Hill

After a short trip to Woodinville to do some wine tasting, we headed over to Eden Hill. With four of us we ordered all but one savory dish and since I’m a semi-regular chef Max sent out a few freebies so we ended up with 10 courses, didn’t take a picture of the salad dish.
My parents both like the cauliflower the best while I’m torn between the pate and octopus. K liked the quail the most and we all thought the oysters fell a bit flat. If everything on plate eaten in one bite it was interesting but the oyster itself had too much breading and not, if any, enough seasoning.


Cauliflower “chilaquiles” – serrano and lovage hot sauce, red cabbage curtido, lime crema, manchego


Quileute salmon mi cuit – kumquat, red sorrel, calamansi, spiced vanilla vinaigrette, roasted new potatoes


Chicken liver pate – sauternes pickled foie gras, northwest syrup, toasted coffee rye, walnut


Salmon mousse – radish, bread


Kumamoto oysters


Crispy pighead “candybar” – prosecco, d’anjou pear, fermented black bean, merlot pickled red cabbage, serrano


Fried pacific oysters – sweet and sour apple, black garlic mayonnaise, wobble cart spinach, apple, almond


Spanish octopus – dark chocolate and plum mole coloradito, sunchoke, ancho, seaweed tepanade


Pan roasted quail – charred asparagus, black morel, tomato preserve, poultry glace, soft egg, agour

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