Seattle – Food Truck Tacos

Two days, two different food truck festivals to vie for the best taco. Most of the trucks don’t normally offer them to it’s fun to see what they can come up with, my favorite on each day was the same truck Nosh which normally does fish & chips. Fish tacos not too far out there and I think they should have it on menu all the time since just need to have tortillas and slaw to put on top, nothing too crazy. Chopstix’s spicy pork belly bun was also very good but we had a debate on if it could count as a taco since it wasn’t in a tortilla. I argued it could since the bun could be thought of as a thick tortilla of sorts but then by that logic a hot dog bun could be too, so where is the taco line drawn? Just for good measure had a Hainan chicken rice too since it’s so good for something so simple yet hard to perfect.


Nosh – fish taco


Chopstix – spicy pork belly (L) and peking duck


Bomba Fusion – beef bulgogi


Han’s Chicken Rice – popcorn chicken


Buddha Brothers – spicy pork (L) and Kalua pork carnitas


Han’s Chicken Rice – Hainan chicken rice


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