San Francisco – Sweets & Chinese

For our last day here actually spent time in the city and started it off at Mr Holmes Bakehouse. I had gone back in December but went too early to get their signature pastry, the cormuffin which came out after the ctonut. Similar concept where croissant dough is baked in a muffin tin and filled with something, this was lemon curd. I’m glad the wait wasn’t too long as it wasn’t anything to write home about, the filling was too sweet and the croissant itself tasted like a morning roll at a local Seattle bakery. However, the Japanese smoked salmon croissant was very good in a weird way, it was basically smoke salmon sushi but with croissant instead of rice, ginger slices and all. We both thought Tartine was much better overall.


K wanted to get some chocolate for her friend who was watering out plants. Dandelion is pretty famous but we had never had it, we waited too long. We were tempted by all the display desserts but after Mr Holmes and it just being 10am we got a few chocolate based drinks, an insanely rich mocha for K and a chocolate chai for me, and the brownie flight for the flight home.


Our final stop was San Tung, a restaurant that friends introduced me to back in 2004. The main thing to get here is their dry fried chicken wings which are coated in a spicy sweet sauce. Today the meat was especially crispy, maybe it was the quietest I had ever seen the dining room so the kitchen could focus on making them perfect rather than cranking them out as fast as possible. Rounded out the meal with their giant pot stickers.



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