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Kelowna – MTL

We had an early lunch before heading home and while we were an the opposite end of the country from Montreal I just had to have me some smoked meat since it’s non-existent in Seattle. Helped they also had poutine. The meat was very tender but lacking a bit of seasoning like I’ve had in Montreal. Fries were very good and I wish there had been more cheese curds. Kept me full for the drive home.



Kelowna – Krafty

For our last night in Kelowna wanted a more casual meal but still better than a fast casual place. Menu @Krafty looked pretty good online and while the actual menu was a bit different wasn’t too put off. K didn’t get the play on words for Krafty Dinner and I had to explain to her that in Canada Kraft mac & cheese is called Kraft dinner. The bison was exceptional and the yolk was almost orange.  Overall the food was pretty good but service was severely lacking, I had to wait 15 min for a 2nd drink.


Krafty Dinner – cheesy sauce, gobetti noodles, roast mushrooms, white truffle


Bison Tartar – classic seasoning, egg yolk


Crispy Duck Leg – lentil, roast carrot


Burger (sans bun at my request) and fries


Karate Chop – I thought the descriptions were funny if not PC at all

Kelowna – Micro

At the suggestion of Salt and Brick’s chef we went to Micro for dinner instead of it’s sister restaurant next door like I had originally planned. It reminded us a bit like Hotel, RIP, in Montreal with an u-shaped counter where staff served you from the middle. I was better this night at not ordering with my eyes. While the food was quite good, it didn’t come close to Salt and Brick but did get to eat some lovely foie gras and poutine. Continuing the streak of super tender octopus was a nice surprise and while the pork belly was excellent I wish that had been a bigger portion. The branzino was also very tender and unlike the ceviche the fish had a pure flavor, not saying which way was better but was a big contrast.


Coppa – apricot mustard


Crudo – branzino, side stripe prawns, watercress, scallion


Foie Gras – sherry marinated, buckwheat blini, blueberry compote


Poutine – mushroom gravy, smoked oyster mushrooms, cheese curds


Bison Polpetta – sundried tomato ragu, manchego cheese


Octopus – potato brava, romesco sauce, corn & cucumber relish


Pork Belly – green peas, chicharron, lemon mustard


Kelowna – Salt and Brick

Having gone to wine region in far flung places, for the long weekend K and I decided to go to somewhere a bit closer but still a fun getaway. After a long drive we wanted some good food and more importantly local wine, we found both in spades at Salt and Brick, we sat right in front of the kitchen at the counter if you can call five hot plates a kitchen in the traditional restaurant sense. The food was amazing, I was expecting good food here since it’s a tourist town but nothing of this caliber. I made the mistake of ordering with my eyes and it was made worse than when chef gave us the mushroom dish when they made it with cheese when other guests requested it without. When I eat out I like to find dishes that are out there and the salami cone was definitely out there, while the photo make it look a bit like vomit the flavor was really good by itself, nice and creamy but adding the sweet waffle cone added an extra dimension. The veal was really good but it was served with French’s yellow mustard, I would’ve preferred a spicy brown mustard which I did try when I asked a cook to give me some when she was platting a cheese and meat board. The coppa was excellent and while I usually hate ketchup the homemade tomato “jam” on the fish and chips was very flavorful and tasted more like tomatoes than a store bought one. I think the chef enjoyed talking to us and the fact that we really appreciate food, our waistlines would say appreciate it too much, and gave us some Karat chocolates. We had already planning on going to get some bars and these delightful bites only reinforced this decision.



Watermelon: cheese, cilantro


Asparagus: fresh and pickled, poached egg


Salami Cone: yam, apple


Coppa: pickled asparagus




Fish and Chips: tomato jam, pesto


Halibut Ceviche: berries


Mushrooms: tomato, cheese


Karat Chocolates

Vancouver – Medina

Also before heading home was able to eat at one of the top brunch spots in Vancouver. Normally in warmer weather there is a long line outside that I’m unwilling to stand it but when it’s 0C out there isn’t. We were able to get seats at the bar right away. They’re known for their waffles and they were indeed very good, nice and chewy with a good contrast between the crunchy exterior and steamy center. The house-cured peameal bacon was a letdown though, very dry liked it was in the oven way too long. Guess even though I was in Canada should’ve known better since we were nowhere near Ontario. The Coca was pretty good but wish had more of the pork ragout on it.


Blistered Woodstone Fired Flatbread, Pork Ragout, Sfoglia Cheese, Truffled Potato Purée, Oven-Dried Tomatoes, Hannah Brook Farms Greens, Fried Egg


Liege waffle – dark chocolate


Vancouver – Pidgin

I’d been wanting to try Pidgin for a while and after a very cold and lots of waiting for lifts at Whistler I decided to come down to Vancouver a night early. Glad I did as the food at Pidgin was very good and had a wide range of booze on offer. I went from a cocktail to a sake flight and finished off with a glass of BC Meritage. The only thing that was a bit weird as they only had a single item for dessert and it’s relatively easy to make, makes me think they don’t have a pastry chef.
The foie gras and fried chicken wings were my favorite. The pork belly was cooked Taiwanese style and while the flavor was good the pork was quite dry, it was so lean it was almost like a pork loin roast with a bit of fat on top. Would’ve preferred a fattier cut that melts in your mouth.


Chicken Wings – very light batter, Japanese style


grilled asparagus, smoked mayonnaise, cured yolk gremolata


pork belly rice bowl, asian pear kimchi, bamboo, quail egg; foie gras rice bowl, chestnuts, daikon, unagi glaze 27 daily fish MP


Chocolate pot de creme


Ski Lodge – Eastern BC

The snow was so much better than anticipated and got plenty of face shots the first day and then it was bluebird for the rest of the trip. Very fun trip although didn’t get nearly as much vertical as I would like.



Better egg mcmuffin


Mussels in white wine


Scallop, pork belly, and mushrooms


Sticky Toffee Pudding