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Las Vegas – Blue Ribbon & Zuma

So tried to do a Las Vegas bang bang but with all the food since been here I tapped out way too early. Very weak showing, I had hoped to hit up a third place for at least dessert but couldn’t manage. First stop was for the bone marrow and oxtail marmalade from a New York institution. While it hit the spot wasn’t quite as good as I remember, maybe transplanting to the dessert had an effect but given how Momofuku didn’t suffer don’t think it was that. Then went across the hall for some Japanese food that others had gone to the night before and really enjoyed. As I was alone I had to get smaller items that still looked interesting. The dumplings certainly did and while pork belly isn’t exactly unique anymore I have a huge soft spot for it.


Bone Marrow & Oxtail Marmalade: parsley salt, challah


Pork Belly Skewers: mustard


Prawn & Black Cod Dumplings


Las Vegas – Momofuku

So the weird thing about this Las Vegas outpost of David Chang’s empire is that the name of the restaurant is the name of the restaurant group and not like the others: Momofuku Ko, Shoto (RIP), Noodle Bar, Ssam Bar, etc… It doesn’t make sense until you look at the menu and realize that it’s a combination of all the restaurants save for the haute cuisine dishes of Ko and the departed Shoto. The gang I’m with let me order and well we had a pretty good selection and everyone like the meal, they did call me out for getting the uni hashbrown, it was a bit out there for a few of them. However, they all loved the tuna and shaved foie gras. Everyone loved the wagyu potatoes and while I agree with the 2nd half of the dish I didn’t think the wagyu had much flavor. The lamb ribs were great, lots of fat even if it removed a few months from the backend of life. I wish the noodles had been spicier although it seems others got the hotter parts of the peppers and were in a bit of pain.


Bigeye Tuna: shaved foie gras, strawberry


Shrimp Bao: spicy mayo, pickled red onion, iceberg


Pork Belly Bao: hoisin, scallion, cucumber


Chilled Spicy Noodles: sichuan sausage, thai basil, candied cashew


Pear & Burrata: hazelnut, black truffle, sourdough


Roasted Corn: raclette, jalepno, pepitas


Uni Hasbrown: hozon creme fraiche, nam prik, chive


A5 Wagyu Potatoes: honey mustard, crunchy garlic, almond


Grilled Lamb Ribs: cucumber, chili yogurt


Jidori Chicken: curry, kimchi, lime


Wagyu Tri-Tip: eggplant, tomato, bok choy

Las Vegas – China Poblano

Ah Jose Andres, how fun are awesome are your restaurants?! I’m always wary of Chinese fusion but this was more like Chinese and Mexican food served together with new twists and some crossover. As usual I ordered with my eyes and ended up eating more than my fair share. Everything was great except the beef tendon, the szechuan-soy sauce was just off and didn’t work. The siu mai was a great take on the standard version, I ate three of them. The fish taco was my favorite, crispy crust on the fish that was tender and moist.


Cesar Salad: anchovies, soft boiled egg, Parmesan cheese, croutons


Snow Pea Leaf Salad: snow peas, orange, pomegranate


Tuna Ceviche: soy dressing, avocado, cilantro, toasted pecans, red onion, fresno chilies


Gan Pung Ji Wings: chili sauce, cucumber


Fish Taco: Sea bass, salsa


Carnitas (top): chicarron, salsa verde; Conchinita: Yucatan-style braised pork, marinated onions


Beef Tendon: Szechuan-soy sauce, oyster


Quail Egg Siu Mai: shrimp, pork, peanuts

Las Vegas – Bardot

So I haven’t been to Sin City in almost 10 years and coming in the middle of July isn’t ideal but sometimes that’s who the cookie crumbles. Thankfully in the meantime the restaurants have gotten better and I’m in a really nice hotel, you can probably figure our where based on where I’m eating this week. Part of the problem is even though there are tons of restaurants, there are also a ton of people so getting reservations can be tricky.

Bardot is part of the Michael Mina group and I like his namesake restaurant here and in SF as well as RN74 in Seattle. Bardot is squarely in French bistro throwback just grander given location. The bisque had great flavor, the brandy really filled it out, I just wish there was less pieces of fennel and more lobster chunks. The duck that provided my main must’ve been the size of Big Bird, what’s shown is only about 1/2. I wasn’t able to finish it even though it was cooked perfectly.

I’d also say I have a pretty good view from my hotel.


Lobster Bisque: brandy, roasted tomato, puff pastry, fennel & taragon


Duck Breast: cabbage, cherries



Seattle – Eden Hill

Didn’t take any extra days off since July 4th was on a Wednesday, but did make time to head to one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle. Hadn’t been in almost six months and it was great to see some new dishes on the menu. The octopus was the most tender I’ve ever had and it tasted like candy with the sweet glaze on top, wish it had come towards the beginning so could have fully enoyed the dish. The crab lasagna was also a revelation, lots of crab and perfectly cooked pasta. As always the food was fantastic and we gave chef a glass of the bottle we brought for continuing to make incredible food in the kitchen the size of a closet.


Lamb Tartar – mustard “yolk,” goat milk caramel, bread and butter pickles, rye chip


Crab Lasagna – sea scallop mousse, beurre blanc, chervil


Dill Brioche


Waldorf – green apple, dehydrated grape, bleu cheese, chestnut pecorino, walnut candy


Cauliflower “chilaquiles” – manchego, lime crema, jalapeno hot honey sauce, curtido


Ricotta Tartine – cherries roasted in earth syrup, speck, seed loaft


Fried Spanish Octopus – potato, cucumber, baby heirloom, aged sherry, gochujang aioli


Cardamon Donuts


Seattle – Waz

For K’s birthday went to this new Japenese restaurant that serves up kaiseki meals only. Since it was a milestone birthday went a bit crazy and split a sake flight and each had the wine pairing.  The meal was great and some new flavors even though I’ve been to Japan three times. I had never had sesame tofu, it almost tasted like mochi and had the same consistency. I normally won’t eat pumpkin but really liked this preparation, as K said it tasted like unagi which probably was why I liked it. I would’ve eaten a lot of of the wagyu if given the option, just lightly torched and melted in my mouth. The salmon had great flavor but was overcooked, basically well done when I make it at home it’s medium rare most times, I will say the presentation was beautiful. The rice dish was K’s favorite while I’m torn between the fried fish cake and the eggplant and duck.



Sakizuke: sesame tofu, sea urchi, dashi broth


Hassun: hydrangea temari sushi, braised kabocha pumpkin, corn tempura, braised octopus


Suimono: fried fish cake clear suop


Tsukuri: oyster, A5 wagyu, amberjack


Takiawase: eggplant, duck breast, asparagus, white miso glaze


Yakimono: shio koji king salmon, salmon roe, green strawberry, grated daikon, garlic scape


Gohan: snapper rice with dashi broth, pickled vegetables


Kanmi: custard pudding, roasted bean flour ice cream, seasonal fruits

Kelowna – MTL

We had an early lunch before heading home and while we were an the opposite end of the country from Montreal I just had to have me some smoked meat since it’s non-existent in Seattle. Helped they also had poutine. The meat was very tender but lacking a bit of seasoning like I’ve had in Montreal. Fries were very good and I wish there had been more cheese curds. Kept me full for the drive home.