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Air Canada

Most people seem to hate Air Canada, but after spending 14+ hours with them I can’t really complain other than there was nothing on their entertainment system that I wanted to watch. Thankfully I had plenty of podcasts to listen to as only slept 5-6 hours. The seat was comfortable and even had a setting to change the firmness when in bed mode. Food was ok but after almost four weeks of gorging myself I didn’t need to be full for half a day.

Air Canada doesn’t have a lounge in Sydney so we got to choose between Singapore or Air New Zealand, we went with the former as they had better breakfast options. Again got a few judgmental looks for having a beer at 8:30am but it went well with the greasy noodles and sausage.


AC has one of my favorite styles of seats, the reverse herringbone so I was ending the trip with similar layout as EVA. The side compartment was able to hold all my small electronics and the area to left held my laptop fine.




Sydney vs Vancouver out the window.




Sydney – 12 Micron

For K’s only night in Sydney met up with a friend for dinner who had been looking after the wine I bought in Oz. My friend recommended two options, the restaurant in the Opera House complex or some place with better food and not as good views. I let K choose and surprisingly she chose the better food. The oysters were great, much better than the ones I had at the Melbourne market. K’s fish was very flavorful, much like salmon in the PWN not much needed to be done to it. Dessert was really interesting and the flavors worked well together, very creative.


Rock Oysters – dessert lime, furikake


Moreton Bay Bug – king prawn, shellfish emulsion


Pork Jowl – black pudding, riberries, chestnut


Lamb Neck – potato, broad beans


Mulloway – horseradish, broccoli, almonds


Green Beans – lemon aspen, walnuts


Rainforest – valrhona itakuja mousse, apple and rain forest lime puree, frozen chocolate, passionfruit, shitake sponge, chocolate crumble

Auckland – Breakfast and Lunch

Various breakfast and lunch from the last few days. The quiche was really good, the eggs were fluffy. Burger was meh, not a lot of flavor in the beef and didn’t really taste the cheese, just needed a meal before going on the wine tour. Major Sprout was interesting to say the least, K’s had a weird fried bread rather than an English muffin while I was expecting balls of dough with fish inside since it was a fish fritter. For my last meal in NZ of course had to get a pie. I wasn’t thrilled with the four options Heaven Sent had so chose the most appealing, it was good but had a few too many lentils.


Prosciutto Quiche – Teed St Larder in Newmarket


Cheeseburger – The White Lady by the Ferry Terminal


Egg Benedict – Major Sprout


Whitebait Fritter – Major Sprout


Lamb & Lentil Pie – Heaven Sent

Auckland – Dr Rudi’s

After the quick top up we went back to Dr Rudi’s where we had a late lunch when we arrived. Pictures from that are here, we really liked the food so came back to try a few more items. It was packed with the after work crowd but it slowly got a bit less crazy as it got closer to 7.



Crispy Snapper Wings


Beef Croquettes Рmozzarella 


Tempura Broccolini


Crispy Polenta Parmesan Sticks


Lost Souls – pepperoni, venison salami, jalapenos, mozzarella and sage

Auckland – Occidental Bar

After a long day of hiking we were hungry and went to a few places to get food. First went to a Belgian bar two blocks away for some moules frites.


Green lipped mussels – lobster bisque brandy sauce


Titirangi – Deco

We stopped here for a big breakfast before hiking in Waitakere. My meal was an American sized portion and I couldn’t finish it, what was better is that it had meatballs and roasted tomatoes and mushrooms instead of a ton of carbs.



Turkish coffee


Spicy chai latte


Deco Breakfast – eggs, bacon, meatballs, tomatoes, mushrooms, toast


Eggs Benedict

Auckland – Soul

So Auckland feels like a huge city after being in Queenstown for a week. Loud noises, too many people, and smelly cars make me want to go back to the quiet life even though for most of my life I’ve lived in some of the biggest cities in the world.
We went shopping, I was looking to get some merino wool clothing that wasn’t Icebreaker, have too much of it already, and was able to find a cool shirt at Macpac.
Followed that up with dinner at Soul based on a friend of friend’s recommendation. K and I ended up getting the same main since we both wanted a heartier fish.


Trevally Sashimi – verjuice, compressed celery, pepitas


Roasted Hapuku (grouper) – crayfish raviolo, truffle dressing, spinach


Chocolate Budino Tart