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Auckland – Giapo

We finished the evening with insanely fancy ice cream at Giapo. The owner was there and gave us many samples as we awaited our creation to be done. We just ordered a half scoop of two flavors and didn’t expect the toppings. The hazelnuts were very fresh and the marshmallow very light, it was extruded from a nozzle.



Cool Italian Chef? Check


Jetstar – New Zealand South to North Island

K and I flew Jetstar to get to Auckland. For a deep discount carrier it was pretty good other than having a 7kg carry-on limit that superseded the 2 bag limit. So had to check more bags but thankfully had paid for 80kg before. They use cargo containers on even short flights it seems which I like think I feel bags are treated better that way being placed into a container rather than thrown into the plane’s cargo hold. With the baggage got $20 in credit onboard so we each got a drink and split and order of pie and sausage roll.


Queenstown – Fergburger/Fergbaker

Most morning while in Queenstown I headed down to Fergbaker to get one of their fabulous pies, I would’ve like to try them all but just too many. Fergburger is next door and claims to have the world’s best burger. I went before our flight this morning to get one, no lines unlike the rest of the day. The burger was pretty good but the fried chicken burger K got was nasty, the chicken was great but they put a sweet sauce on it which was inedible. The pies were much better, I sampled the lamb shank, beef cheek, and rump steak.



Bonus steak & cheese pie from the top of the gondola

Queenstown – Tiki Trail

Today we wanted to do a big hike since New Zealand is famous for many different walks. However, it’s raining for most of the day so we decided to do one from town that wouldn’t take long up to the Skyline area that has lots of activities and more importantly a dry, warm building with hot food. Took 45min to hike up the 450m vertical trail and the clouds were clearing so got some good shots of Queenstown from above. It started raining as we started down.



Our Airbnb in the middle, beige house


Interesting chair sculptures on way up.

Queenstown – Pedro’s House of Lamb

Drove past this lamb joint the other day and knew we needed to have it. For $45NZD get a lamb shoulder and a bunch of potatoes, it’s a great deal. We swung by the supermarket to get some much needed salad, but also picked up some chips and NZ made chocolate. The lamb was very succulent and fell off the bone, I had to stop myself from finishing it all and probably feeling really bad in an hour.


Wanaka – Doughbin

Quick breakfast before we head into the mountains. I had a bacon and egg pie and a jell doughnut. The doughnut was bit of misleading marketing, the jam was only a dollop in the center, I was expected it to fill the entire doughnut. Overall buddy and I rated the pies as “ok.”


Singapore – Newton Hawker

Some friends took me to this hawker center a short walk from their condo. We went so early that only a few stalls were open so we had a nice long lunch waiting for more stalls to open. Three people ate 85% of what you see below, basically just left rice and a few other small items. I’m really glad my various friends here were able to step up and eat more so I could try tons of dishes. I’ve eaten far too much in the five days I’ve been here and still got many days left in this holiday. The crazy thing is they all say Malaysia has better food so will have to come back with K one day.

I was happiest to see roti available since for some crazy reason Banana Leaf didn’t have any.


siu yuk and char siu


roast duck


roti with curry dipping sauce


kuay chap


add above items to the noodles


carrot cake


popiah – Chinese burrito my friend called it




garlic prawns