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Richmond – Night Market

I can’t believe I’ve never been to the night market despite living so close to Canada. Went up with a few friends, strength is numbers is essential in order to try many more dishes than one could do solo. After doing a lap to check out all the stalls we started our feast of mainly pork belly and various types of fried chicken. One friend and I couldn’t pass up deep fried crab in some tortillas. My favorite was the Cambodian chicken wings, nice batter with salt, pepper and lemon flavors.


Spicy pork belly with kimchi


Korean fried chicken


Softshell crab taco


Smoked pork belly


Crab and shrimp takoyaki


Phnom Penh wings


Chocolate and condensed milk roti

Seattle – Food Truck Tacos

Two days, two different food truck festivals to vie for the best taco. Most of the trucks don’t normally offer them to it’s fun to see what they can come up with, my favorite on each day was the same truck Nosh which normally does fish & chips. Fish tacos not too far out there and I think they should have it on menu all the time since just need to have tortillas and slaw to put on top, nothing too crazy. Chopstix’s spicy pork belly bun was also very good but we had a debate on if it could count as a taco since it wasn’t in a tortilla. I argued it could since the bun could be thought of as a thick tortilla of sorts but then by that logic a hot dog bun could be too, so where is the taco line drawn? Just for good measure had a Hainan chicken rice too since it’s so good for something so simple yet hard to perfect.


Nosh – fish taco


Chopstix – spicy pork belly (L) and peking duck


Bomba Fusion – beef bulgogi


Han’s Chicken Rice – popcorn chicken


Buddha Brothers – spicy pork (L) and Kalua pork carnitas


Han’s Chicken Rice – Hainan chicken rice

San Francisco – Mr Holmes Bakehouse

Bakery that is famous for their take on the croissant that’s different from Dominique Ansel in NYC. This one comes in a muffin form, however they weren’t coming out before I needed to go somewhere else so settled for a ham and cheese croissant, so so, and an ube filled donut, excellent.


Austin – La Barbecue

The line in Franklin was too long so headed over to La Barbecue. Line was shorter but still took an hour to get through. One thing I do prefer here is they have a beef rib that Franklin does not. K really liked the pork rib and we both thought the brisket was a bit dry, it wasn’t as good as I remembered it. Still the spot and feeling food coma setting in.


San Antonio

We went to San Antonio today. It’s not too far from Austin, especially with the speed limits in Texas, and K’s HS art teacher lives there.
First we had breakfast first at Torchy’s and got some breakfast tacos and super fresh guacamole. Their breakfast ones aren’t nearly as good and the regular menu.

Downtown San Antonio was much smaller than I expected but it packs a lot in. The market sells all kinds of colorful souvenirs where we had lunch. The Alamo is a 10 minute walk away although it took us longer as we did a bit of the river walk. Saw a few tourists boats navigating the water and saw an interesting man-made waterfall.


Carnitas at Mi Tierra Cafe

After stopping at the outlet mall on the way back to Austin grab a drink and some ceviche (sadly not sure why phone didn’t take the picture when I pressed the button) at the Odd Duck to tie us over until dinner.


Green Thumb: gin, ginger liqueur, herbs, lemon

Austin – Storefronts, Tacodeli, Hopdoddy

I really love the storefronts along S Congress, they really capture the unique weirdness that Austin prides itself on. Much more appealing than the corporate stores where you don’t know which city you’re in.


Before shopping we got an early lunch at Tacodeli, I love this place since they use super fresh ingredients and have interesting tacos. I thought the fish was way too salty though and really glad let the cashier talk me into the El Picosito as it was my favorite.


Al Pastor: pork shoulder in red chile adobo, cilantro, onion


Mojo Fish Taco: drum, mojo garlic sauce, guacamole, pico de gallo, Carne Asada: ribeye, avocado, onion, cilantro, El Picosito: beef tenderloin, chipotle sesame sauce, avocado, queso fresco (L-R)

After shopping we were thirsty and needed a snack before dinner so popped into Hopdoddy. The Live Oak didn’t taste much different from a Hoegaarden, wanted to taste Texas in it.


Thirsty Planet IPA, Truffle fries, Live Oak Hef

Lockhart – Smitty’s and Black’s

I gave K the option of Austin or New Orleans for the second leg of our vacation as she had never gone to either. She chose the former so I’ll be eating lots of BBQ instead of Cajun/Creole food and not care I’m basically duplicating a business trip 18 months ago.

This time chose Smitty’s and Black’s as the two stops out of three that made Lockhart famous. The sausage at Smitty’s was amazing while the brisket was a tad dry, I think since we went within an hour of closing the meat was nearing the end of its lifespan.


Jalapeno sausage and brisket

After our appetizer went over to Black’s. I was excited to see they still had beef ribs and that it wasn’t the huge monster I had in Dallas last November so could eat a few different things. The brisket here was a lot better, helps they’re open 2 more hours, the spare rib was tender and the beef rib super succulent. Of the three in Lockhart I like Black’s the best but I think La Barbeque in Austin is better. I plan on trying Franklin BBQ this trip.


Brisket, mac & cheese, rice, cream corn


Beef rib, spare rib


Pecan pie